easygraphics.music package

A simple music play module.


A simple music play library.

You can use it to load and play music files.

A simple example:

>>> from easygraphics.music import *
>>> # For legal reasons please prepare a music file by yourself
>>> load_music("test.mp3")
>>> play_music()
>>> close_music()
easygraphics.music.load_music(filename: str) → None

Load a music file for playback.

If music playback device is note initialized, it will be initialized automatically.

Use play_music() to play the music.

Parameters:filename – the music file to play

Close the music playback device.

easygraphics.music.play_music(loops: int = 0, start: float = 0.0) → None

Play the music.

  • loops – loops. 0 means no loop
  • start – start position of the music
easygraphics.music.pause_music() → None

Pause the music playback.

easygraphics.music.unpause_music() → None

Unpause the music playback.

easygraphics.music.stop_music() → None

Stop the music playback.

easygraphics.music.queue_music(filename: str)

Add music to the playing queue.

Parameters:filename – the music file to be queued.
easygraphics.music.is_music_playing() → bool

Get if the music is playing.

Returns:True if is playing, False if is not.
easygraphics.music.get_music_pos() → float

Get current music playback position .

Returns:current position
easygraphics.music.get_music_volume() → int

Return the music playback volume.

Returns:the playback volume.
easygraphics.music.set_music_pos(pos: float)

Set current music play position.

Parameters:pos – the position to set.
easygraphics.music.set_music_volume(volume: int)

Set volume of the music playback.

Parameters:volume – volume of the playback
easygraphics.music.fade_out_music(time: float)

Fade out and stop the music.

Parameters:time – fade out time (in milliseconds)