The First window

In this program, we will create and show a graphics window:

  1. Define the easygraphics main function

    In the main function, we:

    1. Init the graphics window
    2. wait for mouse click or keyboard hitting
    3. close the graphics system (and graphics window)
  2. Run the main function

note 1 : You must use easy_run() to run the main function.

note 2 : init_graph() must be called before any easygraphics drawing functions.

note 3 : Don’t forget to close_graph() to clean up the system after all drawing work is done.

note 4 : You can use the graphics window’s close button to close the graphics system. But this may cause exception. (When there are unfinished drawing operations.)

from easygraphics import *

def main():
    init_graph(800, 600)